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    April 20, 2013
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marathon bombing suspect was caught. ===pause sot=== "...justice is being served" ===vo cont=== the tip that led police right to him. and why the older brother was ot radar.. 2 years ago. . this is kpix 5 news. tonight we're getting our first look at the moment when the second marathon bombing suspect was caught. >> justice is being served. >> the tip that led police right to him and why the older brother was on the fbi's radar two years ago. gooevending i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm ken. the week of terror is over. let's get right to vinita in watertown tonight. >> right now the suts pekt is in the hospital listed in serious condition. meanwhile the entire city of boston is breathing a big sigh of relief after a five-day, extensive man hunt
[ cheering ] . >> a crowd cheered when they haeshd that a suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minute later an ambulance considerlying dzhokhar tsarnaev made its say and 24 hours after terror in this boston suburb. tsarnaev was captured alive but injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens in the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> the break in the case came friday evening when a homeowner noticed blood on the boat's protective cover and called 911. law inforcement sources say they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. a neighbor caught the fire fight on video. >> ultimately, the hostage rescue team or the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect, who was still alive, in the boat. >> the standoff came almost 24
hours after believe to have killed a police officer at the massachusetts institute of technology. that led to a fierce fire fight in police in watertown that killed tamerlan and may have injured his brother. it has been a long day for the people here in watertown and in the greater boston area. the search for the tsarnaev brothers have closed schools and offices and shut down the entire area. president obama expressed his thanks from the white house. >> we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all our outstanding law enforcement officials. >> the fbi marked captured and in boston scores of people gathered for a candle light vigil near the finish line of the marathon. in addition to motive, the authorities will also be looking to see if these two brothers were working alone or part of a larger group. we can tell you three additional arrests were made in new bedford, which is about a mile from where we are.
reporting live in watertown, back to you. >> all right. thank you. well, the man hunt ended about 27 hours after the fbi released the suspects' photos. here's a closer look at how it all went down. >> the chaos began late last night, police called to a shooting on mit campus. university police officers sean collier was ambushed in his patrol car and killed. at 11:30 boston time, police say the brothers carjacked a man a few blocks away in cambridge. they told the driver they were the marathon bombers. a half hour later they release it had man unharmed at a gas station where a surveillance camera captured this image of sovk sok. police caught up around 1:00 a.m. then running gun battle, explosives thrown from the car. >> they have explosives, some type of grenades. they're in between houses down here. >> then it got worse.
police say tamerlan approached them with a pressure cooker bomb, but it malfunctioned. >> loud explosion sfwlchlt loud explosion sfwlchlt loud explosion! . >> in all, more than 200 rounds of ammunition were exchanged. officer richard donahue was shot and critically wounded, tamerlan tsarnaev dead. in the chaos of it all, dzhokhar rather than over his older brother's body as he sped away. at 4:30 a.m. people in eastern watertown were ordered to stay in their homes. by 58 a.m., the order expanded to include all of boston. meanwhile bomb squads blew up suspicious packages found in the brothers' apartment. officers went door to toor all day looking for dzhokhar. then around 9:00, cheering in the streets as the mayor of boston tweeted, "we got him".
>> the two brothers are chechnya, muslim republic of russia. the boys came to the u.s. several years ago when they were quite young, both registered to study at american universities. >> why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence. >> many of the -- those who knew the brothers told reporters that they are shocked tonight, and they cannot believe that they would do anything like this. joe vasquez has been looking into their backgrounds. joe, what do we find out about them? they have a foreign influence. >> as a matter of fact, the fbi has been talking to the older brother as of two years ago, according to cbs news. the fbi met with him because an unnamed foreign fwovt was worried about his contact with extremist elements. the fbi agents checked him out. they determined he was not a threat. how little they knew about both
brothers. >> crazy how you can know someone, and you never know what they're planning. >> 19 year old dzhokhar tsarnaev now known as suspect no. 2 or white hat came to this country at the age of 7 or 8. he became a u.s. citizen last year on 9/11. he has lived in cambridge most of his live life. he's a second-year premed student at university of massachusetts dartmouth. people knew him as social and happy go lucky. >> there's nothing about him that would suggest anything like this, politics, nothing. >> as for his older brother, tamerlan, suspect no. 1, he's a different story. in recent months family members and fellow boxers say he'd become more radical. >> the first year i met him, he had on, like, leather pants and snake skin boots. the second year i saw him, a t-shirt hoodie and jeans. the way he carried himself was much more humble.
he was big into religion. >> he started praying five times a day. he told an interviewer, "i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them." he recently began to post you tube videos associated with islamic extremism. the associated press reports tamerlan leave bes hind a child with katherine russell of rhode island. her family released a statement tonight saying they realize now they never knew him. why in the world would the brothers bomb a marathon and kill a cop? it's still not clear. we looked on social media for clues and found a tweet from dzhokhar, the younger brother on the night before the marathon he tweeted, quote, "ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people. ". >> court records show the older brother was charged with domestic violence against his wife, but that case was dismissed after trial. her friends are telling cbs news he recently convinced his wife to convert to islam.
now, friends of both brothers are convinced the older brother, the serious one, has been talking to the younger one, described as the klass clown, into this week's murder. >> that's where the investigation thooz go now. why did they do it. >> yeah. you know, they've got to check all these links. were there more links than what we know sglou yeah. and are there more people involved. >> big question. >> thank you for that, joe. let's turn now to the family. today we heard very different reactions from their relatives. >> the only i say what i think what's behind it. big losers! . >> i'm suspicious that this was staged. >> let's go to kpix 5 sharon chen now. she joins us with more on this. sharon, i understand the older brother had actually been calling his relatives in the last few days. >> yeah. the cousins said the two brothers were very different, the younger a smart and sweet kid, and the older got into trouble. that cousin says he repeatedly
warned 19-year-old dzhokhar that his older brother was a bad influence. >> from russia, the suspect's father insists his sons are innocent. he called his younger son a true angel studying medicine. >> someone framed him. i don't know who exactly did it, but someone did and being cowards, they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. >> the suspects' aunt in toronto says tamerlan tsarnaev had a wife and three-year-old child. he recently became a devoit muslim. she questions the fbi's story. >> they could not have done this. >> but the brothers' ung you will in maryland calls the pair barbarians. they had a falling out five years ago. he says the two have disgraced their family's roots and wishs they had never lived. >> that put that shame on the entire ethnicity. >> the brothers' other uncle in maryland says after a two-year sliens tamerlan call td asking
for goifness this week before news of the deadly bombing. >> when i heard this in the news, i'm thinking it's crazy, unbelievable. >> relatives say the tsarnaev brothers came as political refugees from near chechnya with their father more than seven years ago to go to school. their father returned overseas. he said he just talked to his older son the other day. >> he said everything is okay. i even asked him how is dzhokhar? did you help him, look after him and make sure she he's studying well so he would spend less time with friends and more time studying. >> could the conflict have had anything to do with russia and the rebels in the republic. >> it's hard to see a direct connection. it's not as though they were sent by some rebel group to blow up bombs at the boston marathon. >> you know, sharon, there's still that huge question out there, was this part of a larger
conspiracy, was it international terrorism. >> well, authorities say the older brother spent six months in russia last year, but it's not clear what he did while he was there. did he meet with other extremists, did he do any kind of training? still a lot of questions. >> hopefully they will get answers soon. sharon chin. thank you. of course, more on the man hunt for the marathon bombers coming up. the tactic first responders learned right here in the bay area that helped them tremendously nab the suspects. plus, you have to wonder, how did police miss the second suspect when he was right under their noses, it seems, the whole time. plus, what they did at tonight's giants game for the very first time ever because of what happened in boston. ,,,,,,,,
first time in many hours.. e streets are packed. . it is after 2:00 a.m. in pos ton right now, but for the first time in many hours, the streets were packed. cheers erupted tonight as word spread of the capture of the suspected boston marathon bombers. boston was a ghost town all day as the city was locked down, streets downtown were early empty. there were hardly any trooir drivers on the road. stores were closed, this one putting up a very blunt message for customers, and tonight the man hunt ended in near watertown. that's where vinita is with the very latest for us.
>> gooevending. it is a little after 2:15 in the morning in watertown. we can tell you right now the 19-year-old suspect taken into custody is in the hospital listed in serious condition after the entire city of boston and the surrounding areas. they're really breathing a big sigh of relief. this has been an exhausting man hunt from start to finish. as you mention, roads were shut down, offices were closed, and a lot of the residents in this area were told to stay inside. in fact, this entire scenario where they were trying to capture the suspect all played out just an hour and a half after the governor told people the ban had finally been lifted, and they could come back outside. >> you know, you have to wonder, there was this huge dragnet police scouring an area for hours today, and it turns out he was in a boat kind of right under their noses. how was it possible he got by them or threw them when they were going door to door all day. >> police here in watertown set
up about a 20-block sej circle, a radius of about 20 blocks. it turns out the home where this suspect was found was one block outside of that radius. what we're hearing right now is that the homeowner, the person who found him under the tarp was actually taking part in the ban of staying inside so he was indoor for most of the day when the governor lifts the ban, he came outside and that's when he saw the torn tarp, lifted it up and found the suspect in his boat as he described in a state like a bloody mess. >> all right. and he called authorities. all right. vinita, thank you. one of the key tactics that boston police were able to use was developed right here in the bay area. it's called urban shield training, an emergency response system for first responders. it prepares an organized response that forces different law enforcement agencies to work together during high-risk events. >> it's a huge compliment. we're proud to know that our -- our program has been duplicated
in other parts of the country. we're very glad that it was beneficial to the first responders in boston. >> for two years, boston sent teams right here to the bay area for that special training. they even modelled their own system after it and have been using it since 2010. a security very tight tonight at the giants game. gates open two hours before the first pitch. there were mandatory bag checks there, and for the first time, security used metal-detecting wands on every fan coming into the ballpark. it's the giants' first home game since the bombings. all right. paul is here. tell us how our weekend is looking. hopefully it's a repeat of today and yesterday. >> it's been a nice little run here with the sunshine. yeah. get the sunscreen out. we're going to have more sunshine coming up saturday and sunday. some changes coming, warmer for the top of next week, but your weekend is looking excellent to get outside, maybe spend some time with your family.
it's all good weather wise. the bay lights are on and skys are clear. overnight tonight lows right around 50. val val that's exactly where you're be tomorrow. livermore also 50. take you to the coast, this will be one of cooler spots. you'll be chilly with sunshine right along the coastline including half-moon bay high of only 61 but here comes the warming trend. sunday 67. by the top of next week, mid 70s along the coastline but we still have a light on shore flow. weir still getting the winds wrapping around the high and getting a northwest flow. that'll keep you cooler @ coast, cooler in the city, all along the peninsula, once again for one more day tomorrow. then high pressure gets stronger, bigger, and will move in the perfect sfot give us the offshore wind eliminating the cold influence of the pacific ocean. that means we keep the sunshine, but it gets really warm. well into the 80s even in san francisco and at the coastline
you will be in the 70s coming up for the top of next week. next monday, next tuesday, next wednesday a widespread warmup begins sunday. tomorrow though warm but not hot. san jose 78. 70 degrees above average. concord 80, oakland 73. upper 075s for you fremont. campbell tomorrow 79. sunshine on a saturday in pleasant hill your high 80. napa 81, mrez san ton 80. mill valley mid 70s. there's the cooler coast, low 60s for you. downtown san francisco for you tomorrow 66 degrees. we warm up about four or five degrees on sunday, couple degrees more, keep adding those numbers up we're going to eventually get 90. close close monday through wednesday. very warm weather for first half of next week and sunshine for our weekend. >> getting there. >> it's feeling a lot more like summer or for us fall. >> yeah. exactly. >> and hot. >> and hot. all right, paul,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police say 16-year-old darian holli and his sister 19-year-old mercedes williams were standing in front of their home in the parchester village neighborhood last night with aup of people. two men walked up to them, pulled a gun and began firing. police think that it is gang related. >> this is the type of activity where we see, you know, people in certain areas going into other areas and just targeting people just because they live in the area. >> the brother and sister were the only ones hit. the shooters remain at large. they took off in a dark blue car. awe dri pots' favorite color was teal. so many people who gathered tonight wore teal in her honor. >> how much i love you and how terribly i already miss you. >> family and friends broke down while talking about the 15-year-old. audrie killed hearst in september after three boys allegedly sexually assaulted her
at a house party and e-mailed photos to other classmates. >> i hate them so much. i have never hated somebody before. i want them locked up. i want them away. i want them fwon. i don't want them hurting somebody else. >> the family is suing the boys. they've also filed a claim against the school district for against the school district for not doing enough, they say, to 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. thankfully the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste... and time-release bacteria to reduce tank build up.
...we lead it off with the sobering news of mae mays... ...41 years the wife of legend willie mays, pass away . games coming up in moment.
we lead it off with the soeg sobering news of may mays. the wife of legend willie mays passed away this morning after a lengthy battle with alzheimer. she was 74. >> oh, they fwaif the red sox some love tonight. the sweet caroline theme song there. how about some love, struck out six innings of work. left with a no decision and you know what, folks, it's a happy inding. ninth inning tied at two. angel got it down. here comes toreres and the giants win it 3 to 2. three-game losing streak is over. to the other bay area, a's and rays. brett anderson had a two nothing lead before he threw his first pitch. tampa bay rocked him for four runs in the first. anderson twisted an ankle, gone
after one. evans taken deep by evan lon gore yeah with a huge knockout blow. a's fall 8 to 3. that is the first road loss of the season. warriors flew to denver yesterday to get used to the mile-high altitude and prep for their first playoff game since 2007. nobody gives the doves a shot in the arena where denver has lost only three games all season. the nuggets won the season series 3 to 1. steph curry says bring on that underdog role. >> is that how you guys going to take it, the old chip on the shoulder, nobody gives us a chance. >> yeah. i think that was motivating factor for us. we saw people take like 13 in the west and no chance to make the playoffs. like i said, we had confidence from right after labor day when all the guys came in and worked out before training camp. you know, now that weir in the playoff series, for that we can -- we play our game. we can go out there and beat
anybody. >> warriors the sixth seed, the nuggets the third seed. game one tomorrow at 2: jvn 30 in the afternoon, and i wanted to get this in. congratulations to cal baseball coach, dave got win no. 400 for his career. >> wow. >> that is a milestone. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> yeah. >> stranger things have happened to the doves in the playoffs. >> that's true. >> yeah. >> we all remember the we believe year in 2007. >> got that right. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
. lrtd. leading into our weekend, paul, take it. >> let us end with some good news. look at these highs tomorrow. i know you've got an outdoor activity. we're sitting here talking about all the stuff we have going on tomorrow. really nice stuff. mid 70s. san jose 78. inland back to the 80s concord,
livermore, walnut creek. napa 81, maybe your deal is wine country tomorrow. lucky you. going to be warmer on sunday by about 5 degrees. we're going to be even warmer on monday when the winds go offshore. look at the coast, mid 70s at the beach. >> wow. >> yeah. low 80s even in the city and approaching 90 inland where we'll stay through wednesday. a little cooler toward the top of next week. here's what we know. winter just wrapped up. it's chilly. summer is coming. it's going to be foggy. let's enjoy a forecast like this where we're stuck in between, not foggy yet, not winter anymore. >> keep it going. >> we didn't get any rain. maybe we won't get any fog. you never know. >> i don't know about that. >> i think the fog is coming. >> usually does. all right, paul, thanks so much. thank you so much for joining us. david letterman is up next. james franco is on. >> that's right. have a great weengd. this was a tough week. relax, enjoy yourself. see you begin monday. >> good night. ,,,,,,